7 Year-Old Escapes Abduction

7 Year-Old Avoids Abduction (Click on hyper link for video)

Here is a shining example of how our children can proactively learn how to handle a stranger before an encounter. 7 year-old Brittany said that she learned about getting away from a stranger in her school, “when somebody is trying to get you, you try to get away and tell somebody you can trust”.

The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation provides a free Stranger Safety Awareness Program which provides important details about safety, awareness and trust. Our “Lesson Plan – One is a Lonely Number“, deals specifically with a child becoming lost in store. Please feel free to download this video and it’s lesson plan. Remember to play the video, ask specific questions to your children, and follow-up when you are at any store over the next few days. Revisit your discussion so that you really drive home the importance of your child staying very close to you in the store; point out who can be trusted in the store and locate the cashier station and the customer service desk – both can be great checkpoints in case you become separated. Stranger safety awareness can be very frightening for a parent, but our program is designed to deliver these messages in a non-threatening, fun venue to your children. Please check back to www.rosebrucia.org often to refresh these lessons.

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