No Thanks, I’ll Walk – Carlie Brucia’s 10th Anniversary

By Matthew Barbis, Founder & Chairman

The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation

Last night I settled down in bed and was just checking in with the social media world when I came across a note from an old friend.  She reached out to me to share a news piece from NBC in Florida.  It was a three minute news spot titled, “Remembering Carlie Brucia”. It recounted Carlie’s abduction 10 years ago.

I don’t think I have to tell you that I don’t need a video to help me remember, since I have made it my life’s work to think of Carlie each and every day.  On a daily basis, I and my very devoted staff, educational committee and volunteers continue to sharpen our focus on educating children about what to do before a stranger approaches.  Nevertheless, the video brought me right back to that very day and the extremely difficult times following Carlie’s abduction. After reflecting on it most of the night last night, I came to the exact same conclusion I came to 10 years ago – there may not be anything we can do to stop a stranger from taking a child, but we can certainly teach children to stay away from predators in the first place.

The foundation took an entire year to get off the ground. I knew nothing of developing a charity, screening volunteers, or even where to begin when it came to developing an educationally sound program, but with the help of many special people, we were able to bring my dream into reality.

Today, I would like to share with you the culmination of 10 years of that dream. The video episode is called, “No thanks, I’ll walk”. It takes place in a very real neighborhood, with a very real child on his way to school, in a very real situation that seems to all too familiar and stereotypical – offering a child a ride in a car. Attempted abductions are on the rise. No surprise there because the local news and school districts are constantly reporting students being approached and offered rides in cars and vans almost weekly.  This is our answer to the question, “Do you want to go for a ride?” – No Thanks, I’ll Walk”.

This video was made possible due to the continued support of our donors, particularly Invest in Others, The Marcie Mazzola Foundation and one of our very own spokespeople, Donald J. Trump.

My wish is for this video lesson to go viral on the internet so that it may be shared with every child on the planet – what better way to show our love for Carlie? Please help me make that happen. We love you Carlie Jane.

About The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation
Founded by Matthew J. Barbis after his 11-year-old cousin, Carlie Brucia, was abducted and murdered in Sarasota, FL in 2004. The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation’s goal is to reduce the number of child abductions in the U.S. by educating and empowering young minds with the knowledge necessary to avoid abduction. Utilizing puppets and a formalized educational curriculum, the foundation provides elementary-aged children with the Stranger Safety Awareness Program, free of charge. The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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