Stranger Safety ProgramStranger Safety Program

Our Stranger Safety Program is available to elementary schools, free of charge. The Foundation presents two short puppet shows, written by the Community Health Department of Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, focusing on simple, realistic tips for children that educate and empower young minds. Each puppet presentation is 10 minutes long with a brief, live action self-defense demonstration and awareness activity. The child safety presentation specializes in packing vital information into a short series of segments. The program utilizes puppetry from “On Applebee Pond”, developed by the Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission.

Puppet Show #1: What To Do If A Stranger Approaches. The gang at Applebee Pond faces a dilemma when a stranger approaches one of the kids looking for a lost puppy. This skit teaches important basic safety concepts to enlighten children to the dangers that exist when dealing with a stranger.

Self-Defense Demonstration: We present a non-threatening, live demonstration to improve children’s awareness skills and provide a safe, easy-to-use self-defense move for children to use to get away from danger.

Puppet Show #2: What To Do If You Get Lost At The Mall. The gang at Applebee Pond visits again to tell a tale of danger at the mall. Young Freddie is separated from his parents and tells the gang how he found his way. This skit teaches children how to cope with the situation and where to go for help.

Stranger Safety Awareness Program

The Stranger Safety Awareness Program, our formalized educational curriculum, focuses on three fundamental concepts: Awareness, Safety and Trust. Utilizing Health and Safety Standards established by New York State, the program is designed to reflect these principals consistently throughout all the lessons. The core messages are presented in simple DVD format with individual lesson plans written around each show. They are designed to deliver vital stranger safety concepts to children in a non-threatening, yet thought provoking manner. Each lesson plan includes a checklist of short-term and long-term objectives for the teacher to use as a guide, a list of materials needed to teach each lesson as well as summary statements and suggested homework assignments. Where appropriate, worksheets are also supplied for classroom use. Teachers will be able to use each open-ended lesson plan at their discretion throughout the entire school year.

Instructional videos guide the students through simple concepts of awareness, trust and personal safety. The self-explanatory titles deliver the main message for each video: Getting to Know You, Who R U?, Not Too Close Encounters, Emergency!, What’s Going On?, The Stranger, One is a Lonely Number, News Update, Halloween Safety, and What’s the Secret Word?.

In these videos, students are introduced and led through the program by Matthew J. Barbis, the driving force behind The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation, and the cast of puppets from “On Applebee Pond” developed by the Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission. These short videos take the viewer through a safety scenario and break down how they need to handle the situation and arm themselves with the information they need to stay safe.

Rose Brucia Parental Inclusion Program

Our most detailed presentation for parents only; it bridges the gap between the child-friendly Stranger Safety Awareness Program and the hard-hitting facts and reasons for the program’s existence.  The educational committee instruct parents about how to review the information presented in the classroom to reinforce the messages of Awareness, Safety & Trust.  Please inquire directly to set an appointment for either a live or distance-learning appointment.

Rose Brucia Stranger Safety Awareness Campaign

A new public service announcement campaign focused on delivering vital stranger safety tips to parents & children in all public forums. Foundation board members and dedicated celebrities work together to bring “Sixty Seconds of Safety” in movie theaters, shopping malls, sports arenas and other public places to constantly remind your children to become more aware of their surroundings.

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